Friday, December 4, 2009

About The Arrivals

The arrivals is a lot of truth shrouded in heaps of paranoia. It's an imaginitive mind that started asking questions and has managed to uncover many truths that the higher powers would rather hide from us. It makes u start to question everything u thought u knew and to look at the way the world has panned out and recognise that everything that has happened has panned out according to a greater plan.
Knowing that the zionists are moving closer to attaining the promised land, knowing that the anti-christ is practically on our doorstep and knowing that there are so many people who are willing to carry out his plan, made me feel like I need to do something to stop it.I didn't know what I needed to do, I just knew I needed to do something. I can't let this happen. I need to fight it. I need to make people aware of what they are not seeing.
The director of the arrivals, who seems to be an ardent Matrix fan, draws a parallel to "unplugging" people, as it occurs in the Matrix trilogy. In fact he draws parallels to the Matrix in many of his arguments. I doubt that the matrix was about the same thing, but I find his linking to the Matrix theme quite apt.

Linking us to the dunya and making us as unholy as possible is seen in a whole different light. I had thought it was just commercialisation, but the arrivals makes you realise that it's all part of the greater plan of shaytaan/lucifer/the antichrist and that there are millions of people doing his work and preparing for the arrival of the antichristIt is after all, shaytaan's duty to whisper into the hearts of people and confuse them.
It's not too far-fetched to believe that the people in power and the people with huge popularity have made a pact with him, but I do find it hard to believe that they would leave the kind of clues that he picks up on.
For example, he says that starbucks supports the state of Israel and have named their company starbucks to show their loyalty to the star of Israel. If it's a great plan and they take such care to cover it up, why would they put something so blatant right there in their name?
or perhaps...they are so confident that no1 will suspect their evil-ness that they go ahead and put it in their name to gloat (insert evil-looking emoticon here)
Even if some of it is paranoid, I think it's very good to watch, just to expand ur mind and free it from all the propaganda it's been fed.
one of the comedians in the arrivals says at one point, "there is one type of prison where u can see the walls and the bars and u know that u r captured, but there's another type of prison that is even more dangerous; where u cannot see the walls or the bars and u believe that u are free."

Initially I was very disturbed at everything that I was seeing. I am an ignorant bliss kind of person and I absolutely hate it each time the rosy bubble surrounding my idea of the world bursts and I'm hit with all the ugly.But then I realised that this is the way it was meant to be; the coming of the antichrist, the pain and hardship that good people will have to endure and the wars - real wars that we are aware of, as well as silent wars that hurt us without us knowing we are being hurt, have all been written long before the world came into existence.
There are some things that are just meant to be and no matter how hard u try to fight them, they will happen. You need to watch the arrivals with this in mind and then only can u accept it's message without getting all upset and paranoid and feeling like there's no hope, or getting stubborn and cocky and closing your mind even more by rejecting everything that is being said.


Waseem said...

I agree with everything that you said here in the post about it, there is alot of sensationalism though. I am however convinced Madonna is Satanic though. It's weird how it makes you paranoid about innocuous seeming things.

What did you think of their twelver theory?

I only know muslims who have watched it though,I wonder how people of other religious persuasions may find it. Maybe it is easier for us to belive cos we share the same sorta beliefs as the makers, so we would be more inclined to give into our fears of the coming of Dajjal

neverBlink said...

I always wondered why Madonna was into the Kaballa.

When u say the twelver theory are u referring to the twelve imams that will come after the Prophet(S.A.W.)?

I don't know if i'd call them imams, but I def think that the Prophet (S.A.W.)'s family needs to be respected and that imam Mahdi will be from his family.

Well I've spoken to a christian friend about it. He's a 7th day adventist and he says that his church believes that the pope is the antichrist. He's read books on freemasonry and has heard about most of the stuff in the arrivals.

I didn't mention the part about worshipping Jesus being the same as worshipping Horus and the sun, because I don't know how christians would react to that theory.

Think i should give him a copy?

UJ said...

I think the arrivals is crap .. bunch of paranoid crap .. honestly guys .. i watched 1 episode and then said this is junk

neverBlink said...

u really have to have patience through the first 15 or so episodes and there's lots of repetition, but if you stick it out, you'll learn some

M Junaid said...

You cant just blow something off after one episode UJ

The starbucks thing is nonsense though. Its one of the things ive researched, while making notes on the series. They speak about how the ceo has won so many Jewish awards and what not and was honoured by the state of Israel etc etc and that he named it as star bucks - actually - the name was given by a Christian chap who was one of the three founding members.

When I do my post i'l elaborate on it.

btw - I figured out the tic tac toe :D